Charging point operator (CPO)

Direct your energy towards the future – by joining the electric mobility revolution. Choose a trusted CPO.

Do you need a partner for chargers management?

Communev, as a CPO, enables:

Charging network management

Optimization and monitoring of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

24/7 monitoring

Safe and reliable infrastructure. Constant remote access to the station system.

Remote access

Cloud based, remote reset and fault removal. Access from anywhere in the world.

Add or remove a station from the system

Flexible charging station management.

Charging session management

Remote session start and stop, as well as unlocking the connector.

Station operating schedule

Optimized operating hours scheduling and the ability to temporarily disable the station.

Are you investing in charging infrastructure?

Dynamic growth in the number of charging stations and increasing interest in electromobility lead more and more people to invest in charging stations. Responding to market needs, Communev, proprietary cloud based software from Plugbox Europe, combining CPO and eMSP functions, was created.

You need a reliable partner in management.

Our platform provides support to charging station owners in their day-to-day management, monitoring, and driver billing for the use of the infrastructure. Communev is more than just a charging station operator; it’s a partner that cares about your success. With our innovative solutions and professional approach, we will ensure time and cost savings for you, as well as an increase in the value of your property. With us, a charging station becomes a source of profit, and you support the development of electromobility.

Expand your reach and reach new drivers.

By joining the Communev network, you gain full administrative and technical support for your station as part of the charging station operator’s activities. But that’s not all – your station will be among others who have also joined Communev. This way, it will become visible to people who use our app to find a convenient charging station. You open doors to thousands of new customers.

Manage the entire network... online. Work with us completely remotely.

Remotely – available anytime, anywhere. This is the motto by which we created Communev. We don’t cut ourselves off from the traditional management model, but we offer a solution that provides flexibility. Our system allows for complete remote management of network-owned charging stations – including monitoring, servicing, session management, and even fault removal.

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