E-mobility service provider (eMSP)

Manage your charging service with just one click. Choose a trusted e-mobility service provider (eMSP).

Do you need a partner for chargers managment?

Communev, as eMSP provides:

White label mobile App for EV drivers

Available for iOS and Android users. Always for free.

Client Accounts

The application allows you to create and manage accounts for your customers, employees, or partners

Card payment

The default method of payment for charging is a credit or debit card

Independent pricing

The station owner determines the rate per kW for charging.

Internal in-app store

Additional features designed specifically for users.

Invoice and bill handling

Full support for the charging process - automation of energy sales.

Are you investing in charging infrastructure?

The dynamic growth in the number of charging stations and increasing interest in electromobility is leading more and more people to invest in charging stations. In response to the market demands, Communev was created, proprietary software by Plugbox Europe that combines CPO and eMSP functions.

Join the Communev network!

We are building our network in cooperation with many brands! It all started with integrating our Plugbox Europe charging stations, which led to numerous great partnerships. The Communev app allows for searching charging stations, initiating and ending the charging process, as well as accessing information about the charging station (availability, power, connector types), and monitoring the charging process.

Simple and transparent integration guidelines

Our solution doesn’t require significant financial investments or the adaptation of existing software. Communev is a completely self-sufficient tool with a clear and transparent integration process for any charging station that supports OCPP 1.6 and higher protocols

white label eMSP

By offering white-label solutions, we enable you to develop a closer relationship with drivers, thereby supporting your brand and strengthening its position in the European market. You can utilize your own corporate materials while also reaching a wide audience.

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